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IPP / Income Producing Properties

We have developed a unique product on the market for investors looking for high returns. This is IPP – Income Producing Properties, which are residential properties in cities of high potential that ABC Capital acquires, remodels, stabilizes and rents to offer them later at prices that allow large returns to be generated.

These properties are found in growing cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore where there is great development potential.

We have a team of professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience that are responsible for every sale analysis, acquisition and stabilization.

Our team of advisors will assist you in every step of the investment, from market presentation to the selection of the units and the purchase process. At ABC Capital we offer a comprehensive solution for foreign investors that even includes property management.

Annual returns of 9% to 13%

Properties from $80,000


Like the vast majority of businesses, success depends on being in the right place at the right time. Therefore, in IPP we have defined various markets in major cities in the United States as high potential, such as Philadelphia, Baltimore and St. Louis, that’s why we know that the time to invest is now.


Philadelphia, the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, is very important due to its history and tradition. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were signed at the Independence Hall of Liberty Bell. There are iconic places in this city like the Philadelphia Museum of Art that was immortalized with “Rocky”, the boxer who marked an era in cinema, starring Sylvester Stallone.

Area: 369.59 Km2
Population: 1.584 million (2018)


Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, with a long history in the United States due to its importance as a port. The national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” was written at the entrance of Baltimore Bay in Fort McHenry. Today that bay has been transformed with luxury stores, restaurants and attractions such as the USS Constellation warship and the National Aquarium. In addition to that, it is one of the first rental markets where the millennial population has grown by 20%.

Area: 238.41 Km2
Population: 619,493 (2018)

St. Louis

St. Louis is the most important city in the state of Missouri and is located next to the famous Mississippi River. It is home to the iconic 630-foot Gateway Arch built in the 60s in honor of Lewis & Clark. Steamboats float down the river offering tourists a stunning view of the arch. The Soulard district is the centre of famous barbecue restaurants and Blues music clubs.

Area: 170 Km2
Population: 319,294 (2010)
ABC Capital Miami


We guide our clients to achieve the highest possible real estate return, with the security of having the property in good condition and the experience to measure their productivity.

ABC Capital Miami has great experience in the real estate market supporting foreign investors. We know the American market very well and that is why today we can identify new return opportunities outside of Miami.

One year ago, IPP was a good option in Miami. Today, we offer this winning product in other cities, in other even more solid markets, such as Philadelphia or Baltimore, where it is possible to find properties with great potential to generate returns.

Our success comes from a team with great experience in real estate as well as the support of a development company that has transformed more than 5,000 units into IPP opportunities, in the markets where we are focused.

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